Mission and Vision

The Vision of the School is the achievement of excellence across each of its seven research areas, from the science and mathematics that underpin engineering research, to its industrial and commercial applications and four teaching disciplines, all accredited by the professional Engineering Institutes.

The School's Mission
  • To provide an environment that fosters outstanding learning and scholarship across Engineering
  • To produce graduates equipped for and inspired towards high personal and professional achievement
  • To enhance the scientific, cultural and economic well-being of society through the discipline of Engineering, contributing to wealth creation and the quality of life locally, nationally and internationally
  • To promote and perform research of the highest quality, motivated by both scientific curiosity and societal needs
  • To promote multi- and inter-disciplinary, flexible research, while continuing to reflect the needs of the major Engineering professions
  • To create efficient technology transfer to and from the School’s research base
The School's Vision
  • To educate our students in understanding of fundamental physical and mathematical principles, to create learning opportunities allowing students to synthesise knowledge to improve the quality of life and create wealth through the generation of new ideas, systems, technologies and products
  • To maximise the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of teaching in an environment which places great value on the student learning experience
  • To direct our research towards both sound understanding of fundamental Engineering Science and a vigorous pursuit of its applications
  • To enhance collaboration across the School Research Institutes, with other disciplines in the College, University and beyond
  • To protect intellectual property arising from the School’s research base
  • To develop an ever more effective interface to society, industry, government and international organisations
World Class Research at The School of Engineering
World Class Research at The School of Engineering
The Student Learning Experience
The Student Learning Experience
Study Environment for Students
Study Environment for Students