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PhD Research Project opportunities at the School of Engineering
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PhD Titlesort descending Research Institute Research Theme Principal Supervisor
Ultra-High Temperature Thermal Energy Storage Energy Systems Institute for Energy Systems Themes

Dr Adam Robinson

Ultrafast molecular separation membranes for alcohol recovery and water purification Materials and Processes Institute for Materials and Processes Themes

Dr Sam Lau

Understanding Engineered Timber in Fire Infrastructure and Environment Fire Safety Engineering

Dr Rory Hadden

Understanding multiscale multiphase reacting flow in porous media and their application in renewable energy industry Materials and Processes Institute for Materials and Processes Themes

Dr Timm Krueger

Understanding the heat transfer, pyrolysis, and ignition of wildland fuels Infrastructure and Environment Institute for Infrastructure and Environment Themes

Dr Rory Hadden

Understanding water vapour adsorption on zeolite pellets Materials and Processes Carbon Capture and Separation Processes

Professor Stefano Brandani

Water-resistant adhesives inspired by marine organisms Bioengineering Institute for Bioengineering Themes, Bioengineering

Dr Simone Dimartino

Wireless Channel Models for Fifth Generation Wireless Systems Digital Communications Institute for Digital Communications Themes

Dr John Thompson

Wireless Power and Communications for Implanted Sensor Devices (funded positions available) Bioengineering, Integrated Micro and Nano Systems Sensors, Smart MEMS and Microsystems Technology, Smart Wireless Devices and Systems

Prof Alan Murray


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