Dr Mohammad Dehghani Soltani

Research Associate



+44(0)131 6505659


2.2406 James Clerk Maxwell Building

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  • Digital Communications


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Visible Light Communication
Visible Light Communication (VLC) is a promising technology to transmit data in a short range and indoor environment. It offers better security, the use of unregulated huge bandwidth, power efficiency and data rate in comparison to conventional short-range wireless communications.
VLC Topology Evaluation
Evaluating the best topology for VLC.
Software Defined Networking (SDN)
Software Defined Networking, in its most basic form, is typically defined as a networking device architecture that decouples the control plane of network devices from the data forwarding plane of those devices, with the network control logic abstracted into a software layer. This separation allows for abstraction of the logical network services and capabilities from the underlying physical network.

Controller Placement Problem
Controller placement problem is one of the main concerns of SDN architecture.