Mr Serguey Alexandrovich Maximov Gajardo

Postgraduate (offsite England)



1.205 Offsite Research

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  • Energy Systems

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  • Energy and Climate Change
  • Energy Policy, Economics and Innovation
  • Energy Storage and Carbon Capture
Mr. Serguey Maximov
Mr. Serguey Maximov


Serguey is a Mechanical Engineer with specialization in sustainable energy. I have experience designing and assessing GHG mitigation policies, especially those related to renewable energy implementation and energy efficiency in residential and industrial sectors. I have also experience working as a project engineer for the mining industry and in energy generation projects.

He is currently a PhD candidate at the Institute for Energy Systems working under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Friedrich in assessing the impact of thermal energy storage on the penetration of renewable energies in the energy mix, analysing specifically the case of Chile.


S.A. Maximov, G. P. Harrison, D.Friedrich (2019), Long Term Impact of Grid Level Energy Storage on Renewable Energy Penetration and Emissions in the Chilean Electric System, Energies, 12(6), 1070. Data available at:

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  • Association of Energy Engineers (AEE)
  • Certified Energy Manager (CEM)