Covid-19 - our responsibilities and University support [Updated - 28 September]

Every one of us in our University community holds a responsibility for slowing the spread of the Coronavirus (Covid-19).  We must all follow guidelines to meet that obligation.

To help you to understand your responsibilities, the University has published the Good Citizen Guide.  It explains more about your responsibilities as a member of the University community living in Scotland, where government guidelines are different to those in the rest of the UK, and internationally.

Those who fail to follow the guidelines might find themselves in breach of University regulations, including the University’s Code of Student Conduct.

Covid-19 Support Service

The University’s Covid-19 Support Service will support all students who need to self-isolate while living in private accommodation.  If you are living in student accommodation, support will be provided by the Residence Life team.

You can find out what you need to do if you need to self-isolate when you arrive in Edinburgh, or because you are experiencing symptoms of Covid-19, on the University’s Covid-19 Support Service webpage here.  

This page includes links to forms to complete if you are self-isolating in either student or private accommodation.

Protect Scotland app

The University encourages students and staff to download the free Protect Scotland app from NHS Scotland's Test and Protect service.  The app alerts users if they have been in close contact with another app user who tests positive for Covid-19.  And if a user tests positive, it can help determine contacts that they may have otherwise missed, while keeping everyone's personal information private and anonymous.

Keeping your location and method of study up-to-date

The University has asked you to tell us your location and how you are engaging with your studies (e.g. digitally or partially in-person) as part of annual registration.  It is important that we have a record of your location and method of study, and that you update us if your situation changes, so we can provide you with the best possible support throughout the year.

You can update your location and method of study through the self-service channel on MyEd.  You can check your current recorded status on MyEd under the Programme tab.  More information on how to do this can be found on the Student Systems website here.