Group teaching (seminars, tutorials, workshops)

Group teaching will take place on-campus, and will be included in your student timetable. Social distancing means that we have to work within strict building capacity limitations, so students will be scheduled for in-person attendance at a proportion of the on-campus activities available for their course. For the remaining activities, and for those unable to be on campus, you will be able to attend online.

Will seminars be live and interactive for all students?

Where possible, seminars will be live and interactive, whether you are attending in-person or digitally. The methods of interaction will naturally be a bit different for those who are in-person to those joining digitally, but our aim is that all will be able to participate equally.

Depending on the type of activity being held in a seminar, all students will be encouraged to participate live, whether they are joining in-person or digitally. In some cases where group work is taking place, groups will be formed from a mix of students who are joining in person and online. In other cases, such work may be arranged differently.

How can off-campus students in different time zones take part in seminars?

If you are unable to attend a scheduled event due to a time zone difference, or for other reasons, you will be able to watch a recorded version of the event, or in some cases participate in a repeated session. Seminar recordings will be available to all students on the course for review after the event.