Wearable & ultrasensitive biosensors for early disease detection

Nanomaterials are opening new windows in medical care. Due to their extraordinary properties they can be used for detection and treatment of diseases. Wearable devices, like Apple Watch, can already monitor our heart beat every few minutes. Imagine having a wearable device that could tell you if you have health problems, and should turn to your doctor. In the NanoMaterials Laboratory we are building ultrasensitive, low-cost biosensors that can detect biomarkers indicating serious diseases, like diabetes mellitus. We would like to develop this technology further, and build a system that can monitor various diseases without discomfort of the user. Application of very strong EU candidates are welcome for possible EPSRC Ph.D. scholarship. Self-funded candidates from all over the world are also encouraged to apply.

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Sunday, April 1, 2018
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Minimum entry qualification - an Honours degree at 2:1 or above (or International equivalent) in a relevant science or engineering discipline, possibly supported by an MSc Degree. Experience in nanotechnology and their characterization techniques is a plus, but not essential.

Further information on English language requirements for EU/Overseas applicants.


Applications are welcomed from UK citizens, or students who are applying for scholarships from the University of Edinburgh or elsewhere.

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