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Institute for Digital Communications staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Mr Callum Geldard

Mr Bandar Alshammari

Mr Feng Chen

Ms Zhuolin Yang

Dr Elliot J. Crowley

Mr Hao Yu

Miss Cheng Cheng

Mr Jinzhe Che

Mr Sanjay Kumar

Mr Hosein Ahmadinejad

Ota Dvorak

Mr Ahmet Burak Ozyurt

Mr Shenjie Huang

Dr Fasih Haider

Mr David Pryde Reid

Miss Iris Lucia Soare

Dr Xiaonan Liu

Mr Abdul Hafeez Abdul Bari

Prof Bernard Mulgrew Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6505580

Mr Calum Thomas Heggan

Mr Jiangnan Xia

Mr Muhammad Nafees

Mr Egecan Guler

Mr Yuan Chen Tomography, Carbon Capture and Separation Processes, Multiphase Flows and Transport Phenomena

Mr Mohammadamin Baniasadi

Dr Mehrdad Yaghoobi Signal and Image Processing +44(0)131 6507185

Prof Wasiu O Popoola Communications, Signal and Image Processing, Optical Systems and Materials +44(0)131 6508232

Dr Yunjie Yang Signal and Image Processing, Tomography, Sensors

Dr William H Nailon

Mr Mohamad Saleh Hanano


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