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Institute for Infrastructure and Environment staff and students
Namesort descending Research Themes Telephone Email
Dr Rory Hadden Fire Safety Engineering +44(0)131 6505944

Dr Santiago Romero-Vargas Castrillon Environmental Engineering, Systems Modelling from Atoms to Processes, Materials Design, Processing and Characterisation

Dr Simon Smith Infrastructure Sensing and Systems +44(0)131 6507159

Dr Simone Zen Institute for Infrastructure and Environment Themes, Environmental Engineering, Fire Safety Engineering

Dr Stefanos Aldo Papanicolopulos Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure +44(0)131 6507214

Dr Stephen Welch Fire Safety Engineering +44(0)131 6505734

Dr Thomas Reynolds Structural Engineering +44(0)131 6505633

Dr Timothy Aspinall Fire Safety Engineering, Materials and Structures

Dr Yavuz Yardim

Dr Yuner Huang Structural Engineering +44(0)131 6505736

Dr Zeynep Karatza Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure

Miss Aiman Arif

Miss Alexandra Boloux

Miss Alicja Czeslawa Przystup

Miss Antonela Colic

Miss Boyi Zhang

Miss Desislava Filipova Davidkova

Miss Emma McAllister

Miss Holly Charlotte Moore

Miss Ione Smith

Miss Ourania Patsia

Miss Paola Domenica Seminara

Miss Suganthiny Ganesh

Miss Yasmin Anne Hitchin

Miss Yazhini Vinoth Kumar

Miss Yi Lin Lin

Miss Ziyi Ma

Mr Adrianos Eleftherios Athanasiadis Fotopoulos

Mr Ahmed Awadallah

Mr Akhil Kizhakkoote Mathews


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