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Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems staff and students
Namesort descending Research Themes Telephone Email
Mr Jack Iain MacLean

Mr Jamie Owen Roberts

Mr Jose Gerardo Cortes Guzman

Mr Kasper Henrikki Buckbee

Mr Kevin Dodds

Mr Konstantinos Bantounos +44(0)131 6505616

Mr Kyle Liam Walker

Mr Lavrentis Dimitrios Galanopoulos

Mr Maciej Stanislaw Wojtkiewicz

Mr Mark Roy Evans

Mr Markus Ronde

Mr Mohammed El-Sayed Abdelfattah Mohammed

Mr Muhammad Ammar Che Mahzan

Mr Neil Calder

Mr Pablo Gilberto Ledesma Lopez

Mr Paul Baisamy

Mr Rahmat Ullah

Mr Rui Zhang

Mr Sagheer Khan

Mr Sahibzada Muhammad Ahmad Umair

Mr Salvador Barranco Carceles

Mr Sergio Adan bermudez

Mr Shouyu Xie

Mr Stefan Brennsteiner

Mr Stephen Chukwuemeka Mbisike

Mr Stephen Thomas Mahon

Mr Stewart Ramsay +44(0)131 6505820

Mr Thomas Giles

Mr Wei Ju

Mr Wei-Chih Lin


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