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Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems staff and students
Name Research Themes Telephone Email
Prof Anthony Walton Sensors, Smart MEMS and Microsystems Technology, Materials Design, Processing and Characterisation +44(0)131 650 7474

Miss Fiona Moore

Dr Priya Gupta

Mr Calum Brown

Mr Kasper Henrikki Buckbee

Mr Stefan Brennsteiner

Mr Rahmat Ullah

Mrs Yuanyuan Hua

Mr Amin Rigi

Mr Changjiang Liu

Miss Daisy Kanada Elizabeth Dickinson

Prof Robert Henderson +44(0)131 650 5568

Dr Adam A Stokes +44(0)131 6505611

Dr Simona Aracri

Dr Alister Hamilton +44(0)131 6505597

Prof Tughrul Arslan +44(0)131 6505592

Dr Ahmet T Erdogan

Dr Les Haworth +44(0)131 6505624

Mr Wei-Chih Lin

Mr Kyle Liam Walker

Dr Ilka Schmueser

Mr Ewan MacDonald +44(0)131 6505625

Dr Peter Lomax +44(0)131 6507146

Mr Stewart Ramsay +44(0)131 6505820

Dr Istvan Gyongy +44(0)131 6517054

Dr Camelia Dunare +44(0)131 6505625

Mr Callum Eoghann MacArthur

Mr Paul Sullivan

Miss Hannah Jo Levene +44(0)131 6507474

Mr Stephen Thomas Mahon


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