Keeping your location and method of study up-to-date

In line with Scottish Government restrictions, please do not travel back to your term-time address (or return home, if you are already in Edinburgh).  Under current lockdown / Level 4 restrictions all students and staff are required to comply with the government stay-at-home guidance.

The Scottish Government has set out specific exceptional circumstances where travel is permitted.  If you believe you have an exceptional reason to travel, you must review University guidance before travelling, and complete an intention to travel form.  If you do return in-person to university with no exceptional reason for doing so, then you will potentially be in breach of the law.

It’s really important that you keep your student record up-to-date throughout the year, in particular your location, method of study and contact details.  This will enable the School to provide you with the best possible support throughout the year by:

  1. taking into account the time zones our students are based in, and selecting the best times for activities such as surgery hours;
  2. sending any equipment needed for classes to the correct postal address; and
  3. making the best use of the space available on campus (under social distancing regulations) to provide support, activities and facilities for students based in Edinburgh.

You can update your location and method of study through the My Student Record channel on MyEd.  Check your current recorded status on MyEd under the Programme tab.  More information on how to do this can be found on the Student Systems website.

Please note: you do not need to change your location or method of study on your student record for short absences, unless you decide to move away from Edinburgh (which you should only do under specific exceptional circumstances, in accordance with current Scottish Government restrictions).  

Short absences would include:

  • a period of self-isolation, which is considered a temporary absence during which students are expected to continue to engage with their studies unless they become unwell; and
  • Christmas and spring teaching vacation periods.