Exams and assessment

The assessment arrangements for courses in the School of Engineering have been reviewed, and a number of courses have introduced coursework in addition to, or to replace, end of semester assessments.  You can find out how each of your courses will be assessed on the course Learn page.

Where an end of semester assessment is required, this will be in the form of a “take home” exam. The time you should take to complete this exam should be comparable to the amount of time you would take to complete an in-person exam, for example 90 minutes or two hours (you can find details in the Exam Diet section of each course in the DRPS Course Catalogue). 

For most courses in the School of Engineering you will be given an extended period of time - 24 hours - in which to submit your solutions.  Where a shorter amount of time is given in which to return your exam script, this will be detailed on the course Learn page.

Guidance for School of Engineering exams can be found on the School of Engineering wiki.

Links to exam guidance for courses in other Schools can be found on the Information Services website.