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As Director of Internationalisation for the School, I’m passionate about the power of student mobility in giving you unforgettable experiences that will change you, motivate you, and build your CV rather wonderfully, all at the same time.

We’ve worked hard over the years to build a set of Engineering-led summer school opportunities, and last summer saw nearly 45 engineering undergraduates taking part in programmes in:

  • Nanjing, China,
  • Caen, France and
  • Chennai, India.

I’m delighted to say that we are now in a position to offer all three of these opportunities for summer 2018, plus a new programme in:

  • Harbin, China.

Dr Tom Bruce, Director of Internationalisation

** Applications are now closed for 2018**

NUAA Summer Programme 2018

Make This Your Best Summer Ever - Language & Training Programme (4 weeks)

About NUAA and Nanjing

Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics (NUAA) is one of China’s premier learning and research institutions. NUAA has developed into a very comprehensive, research-based university that excels in many aspects of engineering (particularly in Aeronautics, Astronautics and Mechanical Engineering), science, economics and management, arts and literature, and many others.

Nanjing is a commercial, political and cultural centre in east China, and the capital of Jiangsu Province. It is a famous university town with a cultured and relaxed atmosphere, there are chic cafes and excellent museums, and the city has many lakes, forested parks and Yangtze River flows through it. Nanjing is located on the 5 hour bullet train ride from Beijing to Shanghai allowing students to visit either city during the weekends.


Chinese Language and Culture Studies

Spend you summer studying and living in one of China’s most vibrant and exciting cities. Combine language learning with cultural studies and travel to open your mind to a new dimension.

Course Features:

  • Weekend trips to nearby cities and historical sites
  • Regular Nanjing city tours

Course Content:

Language, History, Chinese Martial Arts, Calligraphy, Cuisine, Folk Music, etc

NUAA Engineering Training

Enhance your engineering abilities and creativeness with NUAA’s Engineering Training Programme:

  • Digitized Design and Manufacturing Training - a comprehensive and practical course, which is a project-driven teaching model orientated on students research.

Course Contents:

CAD/CAM, distributed numerical control (DNC), CNC machining, rapid prototyping (RP), electrical discharge machining (EDM), laser beam machining (LBM), etc

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Anna University International Summer School

10th to 23rd June 2018 Global Advancements in Engineering and Technology

About Anna University and Chennai

Anna University offers higher education in Engineering, Technology, Architecture and Applied Sciences relevant to the current and projected needs of the society. Besides promoting research and disseminating knowledge gained therefrom, it fosters cooperation between the academic and industrial communities.

Chennai is the capital of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu and is situated on the Coromandel Coast of the Bay of Bengal. It has the second longest beachfront of any municipality in the world. Chennai is one of the biggest cultural, economic and educational centres in South India and is known as the ‘Soul of South India’.


During the month of June students have an exciting two week programme of lectures and practical classes on subjects such as sustainable development, renewable energy, nano science, as well as visits to labs. There is the opportunity to get to know Chennai and its surrounding area with organised weekend trips to historic temples and attractions, as well as getting to sample mouth-watering local cuisine. Students also have the opportunity to connect with peers at Anna University and make friends with local students, getting to know more about Chennai and its culture.

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ESITC Caen University International Workshop

28th May to 22nd June 2018

About ESITC Caen University and Caen

The Graduate School of Construction Engineering (ESITC) Caen trains top men and women for the construction industry.

Caen is situated in northwest France, 15 minutes from the coast and 2 hours from Paris. It is known for its historical buildings, including the Chateau de Caen which was built during the reign of William the Conqueror, and for the Battle for Caen. There are two ancient abbeys, some excellent museums and a ground breaking museum of war and peace.


ESITC Caen is a very top-end Civil Engineering university. The workshops are strongly academic courses with students drawn from across Europe, and with strong private sector input to the courses. The workshop is open to students that have completed three years of higher education in Civil Engineering or a related field. Given the nature of these courses, only students in their honours years (ideally 4th or 5th; exceptional 3rd) of Civil or Mechanical Engineering can be considered.

Project work is conducted in small groups of students, supervised by a team of experienced engineers and researchers from ESITC Caen, and sees the students’ elaboration of a bid proposal to a realistic tender.

The workshops comprise of a tailored mix of lectures, tutored group sessions and independent group work over a period of 4 weeks in June 2018. Students will have hands-on experience with state of the art simulation software. The workshop includes three technical visits in order to illustrate the lectures.

The final projects are assessed by three project reviews, successful projects are awarded with 8 ECTS credit points.

There are 3 workshops available:

  • Port Engineering and Maritime Works

Topics: Port planning, design of coastal structure and ports terminals…

  • Offshore Renewables and Aquaculture

Topics: Ocean energy, Floating structures, infrastructure transport, and offshore aquaculture…

  • Sustainable Building Engineering

Topics: A system engineering approach to building design, life-cycle and energy assessment, innovative construction materials.

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New - Harbin Engineering University Summer Programme 2018

Make This Your Best Summer Ever - Culture & Training Programme (4 weeks)

About HEU and Harbin City

Harbin Engineering University (HEU) is an excellent comprehensive university in China with salient characteristics in the disciplines of the shipbuilding industry, naval equipment, marine engineering and nuclear power application.

As the principal capital of Heilongjiang Province, Harbin is the political, economic and cultural centre of northeast China, and is also famous for its ice and beer. It is one of the most popular tourist and historical and cities in China, with many other names such as ‘the City of Culture’, the City of Music’ and ‘the Ice City’. The Exhibition of Ice Lanterns and Ice Carvings attracts a large number of domestic and overseas tourists.


Automatic Control Theory – Learn the methods of analysing time domain and frequency domain of the control system, the design principles of the correction link, and the general design ideas and steps of the control system.

Siemens PLC – Take the elevator experimental device as the research object, and according to the actual requirements of elevator use, design PLC control programmes which enable the elevator experimental device to achieve call response, up and down, door and floor display and other functions.

Rockwell Automation Systems – Take AB Micro 850 PLC as the controller, and write control programmes and touch screen programmes to achieve the visual monitoring of motor operations as well as the design of an integrated automation system including industrial computer, PLC, frequency converter, motor and touch screens.

Intelligent Car Innovation and Practice – Design an intelligent racing car. Use the electromagnetic sensor/camera/photoelectric sensor to collect and recognise the track environment in real time, write recognition algorithms and servo control programmes, design the circuits of sensor, power drive and power supply, and invent intelligent car systems to make sure that the intelligent car can run stably on the track.

Students at NUAA enjoying a weekend trip to the Yellow Mountains
Students at NUAA enjoying a weekend trip to the Yellow Mountains
The 2017 Edinburgh group at Anna Univeristy, India
The 2017 Edinburgh group at Anna Univeristy, India
Exploring Caen
Exploring Caen