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  • Sunset from Salisbury Crags

    My favourite season has finally made its grand entrance. Cherry blossoms at The Meadows finally bloomed, cherishing the sometimes-gloomy Scotland weather. Unlike previous months where the days were colder, I spent most of my weekend outside this time.

  • Students walking in Edinburgh

    The second semester of my post-graduate degree passed by faster than I expected. My program’s inexhaustible events, seminars, assignments and classes kept me on my toes as the days grew longer and the promise of a sunny warm summer drew ever closer.

  • My solar project group

    After a hectic previous month filled with extracurricular activities and group meetings for various academic projects, it was finally time for the culmination of it all.

  • Best Image of Pluto Taken by the Hubble Space Telescope

    One of the most unexpected benefits of studying at the University of Edinburgh is the large amount of speakers that present in the university’s lecture theatres every week. One only has to keep an eye open to the emails inviting students to attend to conferences, seminars or debates.

  • Linlithgow Castle

    Even after the visits to several towns and cities, the wonderful wandering at Christmas market, the non-stop Hogmanay party on New Year’s Eve and the various interesting events in museums, if you ask me about the most impressive thing here, the answer would still be: CASTLES (and Edinburgh ‘windy

  • Kirk on the Bus Route

    The bus stop is less than fifty meters from my doorstep. Sometimes I happily walk towards it, other times I desperately run, and there have also been times when I run towards the opposite direction trying to catch the bus at the next stop.


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