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  • My FreshSight team

    So I had a bad feeling that this semester was not going to be easy and well, the professors didn't fail to disappoint. Unlike the previous semester, this one skipped any unnecessary formalities and got straight to the point.

  • Leaving the power station

    February was a very active month thanks to the student representatives for our particular MSc program. Innovative Learning Week was full of activities from seminars to day trips. Many of the events were university organized; however, our program had some specially organized events.

  • With Sarah Tolley at Potterrow

    For the past few weeks, my weekends were spent with me being a couch potato. But no more. I thought back to how I used to spend my weekends and hence this post is an extreme major throwback of my super productive weekend. I hope you wouldn't mind going back in time! :)

  • Highland Landscape

    After a grueling 3-4 weeks of exam time, the holidays were finally here and given that this is a Master's course, this Christmas break was the only 100% guilt free, academic free time we were going to get in the entire program.

  • Flying Over Europe

    After long and full of hard working semester, it is worth it to have a break time during the festive seasons to get refreshed, meet some friends and have some time to enjoy ourselves.

  • Belal walking us to the female cooperative in Fez

    From Marrakech, we travelled to Fez (in the North) by train and it took us 8 hours to arrive in Fez. We initially were planning to visit Chefchaouen, the Blue Pearl of Morocco, which is 3 hours away from Fez by bus but we missed the last bus of the day.


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