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  • A sunny day hiking around

    Edinburgh uni happens to be a fantastic institution, but truth be told I would still have chosen to study here even if the school of engineering was just two umbrellas tied together with string and the lecturing staff were mostly sock puppets.

  • Measuring the blade

    Spring has arrived and Edinburgh is even more astonishing under the sun. The royal Mile is full of tourists visiting the city and Scottish people chilling out. On Sunday, many families head to Arthur’s Seat for a picnic while students take to the Meadows to study.

  • Cherry blossom at the Meadows

    April was a hectic month. The Engineering Postgraduate Research (PGR) Conference was held on the 14th April at John McIntyre Conference Centre, Pollock Halls. I wasn't presenting, but a couple of friends who are in their second year of PhD did. There were 52 posters presented.

  • Edinburgh Castle

    My name is Xavier. I am 23 years old and I come from France (you might have guessed with such a forename!). Unfortunately for you, I don't wear a beret! And of course, I have a dreadful French accent when I speak English.

  • North Berwick

    Scotland is a truly enchanting country with all its highlands, lochs, coasts and islands. People come from all around the world to appreciate the beauty of Scottish landscape. Some are in fact so amazed that they decide to stay for longer.

  • Reached the Top!

    Hi! As the weather becomes warmer it seems that everything in Edinburgh is starting to wake up from sleeping. My life of PhD study had become a bit sedentary and I felt like a change.

  • The fascinating Animal World Gallery

    My previous post was meant to be dramatic by using third person narration but I find writing from my own voice gives better reflection. No? Anyway, I’ll be writing every month and I hope you’ll find my posts interesting *fingers crossed*


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