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  • To-do list

    I don’t know which I am more excited about; the conclusion of exams, or the arrival of summer. Or maybe both. After all the stress of lectures and coursework, we finally got to the exams which meant that we were getting closer to the finish line. The exams were not walkovers though.

  • If you have never heard of magical realism, this is your chance. According to the Oxford dictionary, magical realism is style of literature which integrates a realist mode of writing with fantastical or marvellous events treated as perfectly ordinary occurrences.

  • North Berwick

    As we were gearing up for the second of the second semester the deadlines kept piling up. It's been an extremely busy few weeks!

  • Urquhart Castle Grant Tower

    On 16 March the Sustainable Energy Systems class visited Steven’s Croft power station in Lockerbie. The trip was really needed as we had just completed the Tulliemet hydro project and the Sri Lankan power project, both of which had been very hectic.

  • We are world class, let’s show it.

    “We must not kill the planet, we would not know where to bury it…”
    Michel Granger

  • We are steadily grinding to the end of the semester with just over two weeks of lectures left. We have submitted two project reports and two others have taken their places. Saying that I am always busy is an understatement, as most times, I am always on the verge of being overwhelmed.

  • Sweet chicken wings

    - My goodness! …I’m really hungry – mumbled Phileas Fogg.

    - Sir, it has been 80 days since we had a decent meal after departing from London to win that bet, am I right? – replied Passepartout.


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