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  • Those little hands and a tarantula

    I initially thought of bringing my nephew to Edinburgh Zoo, which is until I was shocked by its entrance fee! It is £19.00 for adults, £14.55 for children aged 3 – 15 and £16.50 is the concession price!

  • City of Antwerp

    Hi again!

    April has come and the last of my classes have passed by! Now I’ve enjoyed the “free” month of April before the exams. Good thing is that I could spread out my revision along the weeks and not rush reviewing everything in a few days like last semester.

  • Spring in the gardens

    The teaching block ends at 7th of April, which marks the end of our MSc taught period. The next semester, starts from the end of May, is all about the dissertation.

  • St. Ann's Church in Manchester

    This year’s Innovative Learning Week (ILW) was held on 20th – 24th February. This is a traditional festival in the University of Edinburgh, aims to inspire, support, and celebrate creative learning.

  • Path lined with trees through Edinburgh's Meadows park

    I don’t really know about you, but for me before coming here, this was one of the biggest issues: the weather. Pretty much everybody had told me that the weather would be a hell. “It’s raining all day long, it’s cold, and the sun is barely coming out every day!”. Yeah. Almost everyone.


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