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A dandelion-inspired insect-scale drone Energy Systems Institute for Energy Systems Themes

Dr Ignazio Maria Viola

Data-Driven engineering of in-vitro disease models Bioengineering Institute for Bioengineering Themes, Bioengineering

Dr Lucia Bandiera

Elucidating the Environmental Impact of Nanoplastics (NP) through a Mechanistic Understanding of NP-induced Cell Membrane Damage Infrastructure and Environment Institute for Infrastructure and Environment Themes

Dr-Santiago Romero-Vargas Castrillon

Remote Destruction & Sterilization of the Coronavirus by RF/Microwave Wireless Power Transmission Digital Communications Institute for Digital Communications Themes

Dr Symon Podilchak

Hierarchical nanofabrication of smart and functional materials for energy efficient separations Materials and Processes Institute for Materials and Processes Themes

Dr Yi Harvey Huang


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