Teaching 2021/22

This page is intended to provide key information to undergraduate and postgraduate taught students at the School of Engineering in academic year 2021/22. 

Additional information is being provided by the School to all students via email.  You can find copies of these emails on the ETO Hub (EASE login required).

This information is compliant with the Scottish Government restrictions and will be updated in line with any changes, as required. 

University Information on self-isolation support for students

Further information on University provision for 2021/22 can be found on the University's Welcome to the 2021/22 Academic Year webpage.

We expect all students to be in person during Semester 2, so that you can participate in classes and other on-campus activities. The School of Engineering is continuing to deliver a mix of in-person and digital teaching through Semester 2. Your experience will depend on your programme of study and year, and the courses you are enrolled on.

Course delivery has been designed to suit each course’s content, with as much in-person teaching as possible, whilst also complying with Scottish Government restrictions. Digital delivery will be used where room capacities restrict the use of some of the larger lecture theatres. 

For details of non-teaching related activities, information will be made available through Edinburgh University Students’ Association (EUSA) and Edinburgh University Sports Union (EUSU), and individual club and society pages.

Requesting a change to your timetable 

Where a seminar or other timetabled activity runs at multiple times, you can use the University's Group Change Request form to request a change of time. For example, if your timetable does not allow sufficient time to travel from one activity to the next, the group change request form allows you to request a change in the activity that you attend. 

Academic support 

You can access the following one-to-one support in the School of Engineering:

  • Your Personal Tutor (PT): a member of academic staff who will meet with you to help you review your learning, academic progress and performance and become a confident, active learner; discuss your future development and career preparation; and deal with any concerns or problems that may affect your studies, or refer you to other sources of support as appropriate.
  • Student Support Team: staff members who are there to help you with general student support enquiries, including routine advice and guidance on the School’s policies and procedures which govern your progression through your degree programme. You can find out how to contact the Student Support Team on the ETO Hub.
  • Academic staff: academic staff, tutors and demonstrators who provide regular feedback throughout your degree programme. Support is provided in class and through your course surgery hours. Contact details for each of your courses can be found on the course’s Learn page.
  • Office hours: provide an opportunity to ask any questions you may have about your course - including course content, assessment, or how to take your learning to the next level. They are a chance to meet with teaching staff for each course, and attendance is entirely optional. Office hours are also an opportunity to ask teaching staff questions in a more private environment than, for example, in a class.  You will be able to find the times of your course office hour on the course's Learn page.  If you are unable to make an office hour, for example, because it clashes with a timetabled class, you can arrange an alternative time to speak with teaching staff by email.  Please remember, office hours should not be used as a substitute for regular class attendance.
  • Teaching Support Staff: staff members who are there to help you with general teaching enquiries, including routine advice and guidance on your timetable, course support materials, tutorial and lab group allocations, coursework and examinations. You can find out how to contact the Teaching Support Team on the ETO Hub.
  • EngPALS: a student-to-student support scheme which helps first year engineering students to make the transition to University-level learning through regular sessions run by more senior engineering students, known as Student Leaders.  Session details will be shared with first year students at the start of the academic year.

Will support be provided digitally or in-person?

Most of the sources of support outlined above will be offered digitally in the first instance. On-campus meetings can be made available on request where an appropriate space can be provided which ensures the safety of all attendees. You will be expected to wear a face covering if this is required under Scottish Government restrictions when your meeting takes place.

We aim to increase the availability of on-campus in-person support as soon as Scottish Government restrictions makes it possible to do so.

Is one-to-one support available outside the School?

  • The University offers a range of services to support your health and wellbeing. These specialist services can help you to cope with a variety of concerns, including the impacts of Covid-19.
  • The Institute for Academic Development offers study skills and learning support for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students.

Access to labs and study spaces

  • Labs: final year project students will be able to make use of lab facilities where this is needed in order to complete their work, once permission has been granted by the appropriate Lab Manager.
  • Study spaces: the School has set aside space for Engineering students to study together in small groups and individually, in addition to the study spaces already provided by the University. Health and safety arrangements will be in place to ensure a safe working environment, in line with Scottish Government restrictions. Details of how these spaces can be booked will be shared with students at the start of the academic year.


You can find out how each of your courses will be assessed on the course Learn page.

The School of Engineering Semester 2 examinations will be conducted online, in the same manner as they were in Semester 1. Please check with other Schools if you are taking courses outside Engineering.

Where your course includes an examination, you will be given a set period of time in which to complete your exam e.g. two hours, plus an additional hour to upload your exam script. Late submissions will not be accepted, so please ensure that you leave sufficient time to finish working on your exam and upload your script within the time limit. All exam related queries should be directed to Exams.Eng@ed.ac.uk, our dedicated emails mailbox. 

Additional exam information can be found in communications to students

Contact us

If you have a question about undergraduate or postgraduate taught study in the School of Engineering, which is not answered on this webpage or on the University's 2021/22 website, please contact: sst.eng@ed.ac.uk