One-to-one support

You can access the following one-to-one support in the School of Engineering: 

  • Your Personal Tutor (PT): a member of academic staff who will meet with you to help you review your learning, academic progress and performance and become a confident, active learner; discuss your future development and career preparation; and deal with any concerns or problems that may affect your studies, or refer you to other sources of support as appropriate.
  • Student Support Officers: staff members who are there to help you with general student support enquiries, including routine advice and guidance on the School’s policies and procedures which govern your progression through your degree programme.  You can find out how to contact the Student Support Team on the ETO Hub
  • Academic staff: academic staff, tutors and demonstrators who provide regular feedback throughout your degree programme.  Support is provided in class, for example through your hybrid seminars, and through your course surgery hours.  You can find out more about what to expect in the Teaching and Assessment section of this page.  Contact details for each of your courses can be found on the course’s Learn page. 
  • Teaching Support Staff: staff members who are there to help you with general teaching enquiries, including routine advice and guidance on your timetable, course support materials, tutorial and lab group allocations, coursework and examinations.  You can find out how to contact the Teaching Support Team on the ETO Hub
  • EngPALS: a student-to-student support scheme which helps first year engineering students to make the transition to University-level learning through regular sessions run by more senior engineering students, known as Student Leaders. 

Will support be provided digitally or in-person? 

All meetings will be offered digitally in the first instance.  In specific exceptional situations where it would not be in your best interests for a meeting to be held digitally, an on-campus meeting may be offered to you.  A room in the School has been set aside for this purpose following current government guidance, to ensure the safety of all attendees. 

Is one-to-one support available outside the School? 

The University offers a range of services to support your health and wellbeing.  These specialist services can help you to cope with a range of concerns, including the impacts of Covid-19.  The Institute for Academic Development offers study skills and learning support for undergraduate and postgraduate taught students.