Business and Industry at the School of Engineering

The role of Business Development within the School is to facilitate the formation of industry partnerships, to assist in commericialisation of University intellectual property and create successful technology transfer.

Dr John Jeffrey, Head of Business Development, College of Science and Engineering:

"We take a broad and imaginative view of the scope of engineering in the 21st Century. Taken as a whole, the School is a leading international provider of engineering research.

"We place great value on collaborative industrial and external ventures and have an outstanding record in commercialising our discoveries, inventions and innovations."

Models of our engineering business and industry collaboration include:

  • Consultancy
  • Sponsored research
  • Studentships
  • Licensing
  • Technology Transfer (e.g. KTP's)

Edinburgh Innovations

Edinburgh Innovations (EI) provides a complete range of pre-award research and commercialisation services for researchers, inventors, consultants and entrepreneurs within the University's academic community.

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