The School of Engineering is a partner in a number of important interdisciplinary centres within the University

Centre for Biomedical Engineering at Edinburgh (CBEE)

The Centre for Biomedical Engineering at Edinburgh is an initiative to bring together the broad range of scientists, engineers, clinicians and informaticians working in this field across the university and beyond. It carries out leading-edge research, provides workshops and seminars, and educates through taught undergraduate and MSc programmes. A range of research PhD opportunities are available.

Centre for Materials Science and Engineering (CMSE)

The role of the Centre is to promote high quality work in materials (broadly interpreted), emphasising multi-disciplinarity, within the College and beyond.

Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions (CSEC)

We are a collaborative research institution that brings together researchers from the Schools of Biological Sciences, Chemistry, Engineering, GeoSciences and Physics and Astronomy, with interests in experiments at high pressures, under magnetic fields and over a wide range of temperatures; in extreme conditions technologies; and in computational materials science. Read more on the CSEC website.

Scottish Mechanotransduction Consortium (SMTC)

All of the tissues of the body experience mechanical forces and most respond to them. This is of particular relevance in musculoskeletal, pulmonary and cardiovascular disorders, which consume vast amounts of resources and this will rise to epidemic proportions with the increase in ageing population. The SMTC aims to increase the understanding of mechanically responsive cells using techniques at the interface between biology and engineering and bring about improved treatments for a range of disorders. Read more on the Scottish Mechanotransduction Consortium (SMTC) website

Edinburgh Materials Microanalysis Centre (EMMAC)

The Edinburgh Materials and Micro-Analysis Centre exists to provide integrated and interdisciplinary facilities for the application of microbeam analytical techniques to material analysis. The facilities are concerned with micron-scale investigations of the chemical composition, atomic structure and surface texture of both natural (mineral) and synthetic materials. Virtually all chemical elements and isotopes, in major or trace amounts, may be analysed with the available instrumentation. Read more on the Edinburgh Materials Microanalysis Centre (EMMAC) website.

University Defence Research Collaboration (UDRC)

The UDRC develops research in signal processing with application to the defence industry. It is an academia led partnership between industry and defence. Read more on the University Defence Research Collaboration (UDRC) website.

Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions, Edinburgh
Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions, Edinburgh
The Ion Microprobe Facility at EMMAC
The Ion Microprobe Facility at EMMAC
Electron Probe Microanalysis Facility at EMMAC
Electron Probe Microanalysis Facility at EMMAC