Student clubs and societies

Our School hosts student-led teams, groups and societies covering a wide range of interests that are open to all. From rocketry to race cars, there’s something for everyone.


Whether you’re interested in getting hands on experience of innovative engineering projects, or want to meet other students with shared interests, we have a community for you.

What’s more, across the University there are over 300 sports clubs and societies to choose from, or you can set up your own!

Sports clubs​
Sport and Exercise

Our student innovation groups allow you to get involved in hands on, creative engineering projects.

Student innovation groups can work in the Engineering Makerspace – a dedicated workspace where you can design, build and test your models and inventions.

Our academic and discipline-based societies allow you to meet other engineering students with shared interests for socialising, professional networking, and collaboration.

We have School-specific sports teams in addition to the range of University sports teams you can join.

Explore the full range of societies and sports clubs at the University of Edinburgh.

Don’t see a group that fits your interests? Start your own!