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Childcare in the University

Information on available childcare support in the University:

Parents Network

The School has established an informal network where parents and expectant parents in the School can share their experiences (good and bad) of being a working or soon-to-be working parent.

All staff and postgraduate research students are welcome. The format and frequency of meetings is determined by members. Previous meetings have included a monthly shared coffee break and going out for lunch a few times per year.

If you would like to participate or share ideas about how the network operates (whether you are interested in being a member yourself or not) please get in touch with Bridgeen McCloskey or Hannah Chalmers.

Family Support Network contacts

Arcadia Nursery, King's Buildings, University of Edinburgh
Arcadia Nursery, King's Buildings, University of Edinburgh
Image of small hand over large hand (child parent symbolism)
Engineering Parenting Network