Hybrid teaching

Hybrid teaching is a flexible blend of digital learning, complemented by in-person teaching on campus.  Hybrid teaching is not the same as 100% online teaching.

This style of teaching is designed to be flexible and resilient enough to offer you the best teaching and learning experience possible during the ongoing pandemic.  It makes increased use of digital methods of engagement so that all of our students – attending in-person or digitally - can continue to learn and access our teaching and course materials regardless of Covid-19-related circumstances, including increased government restrictions, or the need to self-isolate or study in a different time zone.  It works best if we all (staff and students alike) pull together and engage positively – whether we are on or off campus.

Videos explaining the hybrid teaching approach in the School of Engineering can be found on the School of Engineering Welcome 2020 channel and on the School of Engineering YouTube channel.

If you experience any problems or issues with your timetable or with finding the information you need to join a class, please contact the Course Secretary for the course concerned.  You can find contact details on your course Learn page.