Domeremember - Exciting Summer at the End of Exams

I don’t know which I am more excited about; the conclusion of exams, or the arrival of summer. Or maybe both. After all the stress of lectures and coursework, we finally got to the exams which meant that we were getting closer to the finish line. The exams were not walkovers though. Doing exams require a certain level of discipline and structure. Time becomes the most important commodity as it cannot be recovered once it has been exhausted. Whether one studies or not, the exam date would always remain constant. I do not think that studying is the most stressful part, rather, it is the rigid structure that one must follow rigorously. There is that sense of being locked, not in a prison per se, but in specific timelines. Like you must do some things at certain periods of the day. That can be nerve-wracking.

I had two exams; one on the 1st and another on the 10th of May. When I checked the exam dates, I saw 1st and 15th. I still don’t understand how I ended up seeing 15th May. I certainly cannot say the date was changed. Everyone else saw 10th May except me. The downside to getting the date wrong was that I went about preparing for the exams as if I had two weeks between the first and the second. I was yanked back to reality, two days to the first exam, when I had a conversation with a classmate and she mentioned the date of the second exam. Initially I argued with her, but she asked me to check the date again. I checked it and immediately changed the way I was going about my preparation. 

On the 10th of May I finished all my exams and was finally able to rest. There is that rest or relaxation that comes with the knowledge that you are done with exams. It felt good but was short-lived. I had to do a presentation on the 15th of May and needed to start preparing for it immediately. The trouble I had was that convincing my brain to be active again was difficult. It was like my brain had shut down. I just couldn’t get the motivation to do anything. It took two days of staring at the computer screen to get started. Fortunately, as the deadline drew closer my brain jolted back to life. I was able to prepare and eventually deliver a good presentation. Thank God for deadlines!

Another exciting thing that has happened is the arrival of summer (I hope it is here to stay). After several installation failures, the summer was finally installed successfully. The temperatures have been good. I don’t even wear jackets anymore. Most times anyway. After witnessing the various beasts that passed across the UK, I had not expected the weather to improve this much. I must confess that I am pleasantly surprised. It is not everyone who shares my excitement though. My flatmate has accused me of being suicidal for going out without jackets. He still feels cold and wears multiple layers as a result. Something that I find ridiculous. The funny thing is he finds my dressing ridiculous too. He says no one ever gets used to the weather, but I have. This is interesting because I was never someone who got along well with cold weather. I think I have adapted better that I had expected. So now, when it is 12oC, I scream “Hurray!”

P.S. - The BBC reported that firefighters were called to put out a large grass fire on Arthur’s Seat on Sunday. Now, grasses do not just catch fire on their own. Someone or some people probably would have started it. If at just 20oC they are setting fire to Arthur’s Seat, what would they do if it was 30oC, set fire to Arthur’s house? We ought to be careful when dealing with anything that can cause a fire during this period, such as cigarette butts, barbecue, campfires, and so an. Let’s maintain the green, please!

So, that’s that for now. Have a good one. And ensure you don’t set anything on fire.

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