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  • Rosslyn Chapel

    For weeks I had been planning to go to Roslin Village, about 7 miles south of Edinburgh, but never managed to do it since the weather was unfriendly. Good news for me, this weekend the weather was forecast to be okay even if it was cloudy.

  • Not sure what to do next

    To be honest, this year I’m living in a dream. Time flies and I haven’t realized how all these months passed and spring is almost here. But August will definitely come one day and this fact means only one thing. That I should have found something to do with my life after this master’s ends.

  • Sunset over George Street

    The New Year started really well until I got knocked out by the winter bug. It started with a sore throat, fever, vomiting, diarrhoea then flu. I had never been this ill before and it was debilitating! I am slowly recovering as I write and I am glad I feel a lot better!


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