Undergraduate Engineering Overview

Engineering has been taught in one form or another since 1673 and the Regius Chair of Engineering was founded in 1868. Since then the School has grown from strength to strength with over 1,300 students studying both undergraduate and postgraduate courses being taught by around 85 permanent members of academic staff and many more visiting academics.

The School of Engineering offers undergraduates a wide range of degree courses, giving students the opportunity to specialise in a certain engineering discipline:

There are many reasons to choose the University of Edinburgh to study Engineering, find out more in our Why Edinburgh section.

Undergraduate applications to the School of Engineering

The main entry route for applicants wanting to study at The School of Engineering is through the UCAS system.

If you are thinking of applying to study at Edinburgh from abroad, take a look at our information for international students, we have two specialised entry routes for international applicants in the Ameson Programme and Chinese 2+2 Programme.

Further undergraduate application information
Engineering Teaching and Student Support

Our Engineering Teaching Organisation provides support and guidance to current students of the school:

If you have any questions, please contact us for more information.

MEng Engineering Graduates, Edinburgh
MEng Engineering Graduates, Edinburgh
Engineering Student Workshop
Engineering Student Workshop
Engineering Students working together at Edinburgh
Engineering Students at Edinburgh