Research in Chemical Engineering

World Leading Research
Research in the School of Engineering at Edinburgh is carried out in 7 Research Institutes, which cover a broad range of Research Themes.

Our academics and students produce World Class research that is published in all of the top scientific journals and cited 10000s of times. A list of recent articles published by Chemical Engineers at Edinburgh can be generated by Google Scholar.

Our work spans from fundamental to applied and is funded through numerous routes including UK and International Research Councils, Industry and other bodies such as the Royal Academy of Engineering. At any time, a number of our academics hold prestigious Research Fellowships that allow them to spend more of their time focussing on reasearch.

Get involved with Chemical Engineering research at Edinburgh
If you are interested in joining us as a research student, please see the opportunities here.
If you are interested in joining us as a member of staff, at postdoctural or academic level, see the oppostunities here.
Read more about our industrial and business collaborations here and see a list of our academic staff here.