CAUSE - Control of wave energy Arrays Using Storage of Energy

There are 3 main objectives in this project:

  1. Answer the research question: Can energy storage radically improve off-grid and on-grid control in wave energy arrays? How can it be done?
  2. Develop an electrical array model for wave energy, with energy storage and co-ordinated control
  3. Strengthen the partnership between the UK and Chinese Institutions for future research collaboration


The research question in objective 1 aims to address a very relevant and timely challenge in wave energy conversion. This has been brought about by a need for arrays of smaller wave energy devices to utilise the less-energetic wave resource off the coast of China. For a lower energy resource, control of arrays is even more important in order to optimise performance and to improve survivability.

Objective 2 is a particularly comprehensive task as it involves delivering sub-objectives of developing an energy storage model and co-ordinated control models.

Objective 3 focusses on tasks that will help to forge a long-term partnership between Edinburgh, Ocean, and Hohai Universities.


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  • Energy Systems

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  • Offshore Renewable Energy

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