COPTIC: Co-optimisation of CO2 transport, injection and capture

Statement of the Project
  • Development of a very sound expertise on CO2 transportation infrastructure
  • Identification and understanding of uncertainties during integration of CO2 capture, compression, injection and reservoir units together with CO2 transportation system
  • Provide industry and academia with the required technical knowhow in this context
Core Objectives
  • Establish a firm background on CO2 transportation, to assist in implementing a feasible CCS system
  • Evaluate and understand the effects of boundary conditions in CO2 capture, compression and injection unit blocks, to facilitate their sound integration
  • Explore effective ways of transporting CO2 both in gaseous as well as dense phase within one or more networks, to achieve flexibility in CCS operationing
  • Establish feasibility and operating characteristics of potential cluster networks connecting medium and large scale CO2 emitters to the sinks, to facilitate a region-wide CCS infrastructure
  • Interpreting potential suggestions for future developments in CO2 transportation operating regulations including safety and sustainability considerations, where appropriate
Expected Deliverables
  • Assessment of technical gaps in existing knowledge that can be used to analyse CO2 transportation
  • Synthesis and simulation of a cost-effective integrated CO2 emitter, pipeline and storage system
  • Analysis of interactions of the power plant, the CO2 capture unit, the compression stations and the injection well on one hand with the CO2 transportation infrastructure on the other hand
  • Technical and economic evaluation of CO2 cluster network concepts (and other counterfactual cases such as point-to-point transport of CO2) to identify cost-effective approaches to CO2 transportation system design and operation
  • Sound knowledge necessary for implementation of safe and environmentally sustainable CCS projects in the future

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  • Energy Systems

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  • Energy Storage and Carbon Capture

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