Educational & Training System for Clean Coal Technology

The general objective of CleanCOALtech project is: to create and develop an educational and training system for promoting, developing and implementing clean coal technologies, through knowledge and best practices shared from advanced EU country – UK to South-East European region – Romania and Greece in order to provide high performance and innovation in the vocational education and training systems and to raise stakeholders level of knowledge and skills.

The main goal and objective of the project is to create and develop an educational and training system for promoting clean coal technologies through knowledge and best practices shared, in order to provide high performance and innovation in the educational process for vocational training and to raise stakeholders level of knowledge. The knowledge, best practices and lessons learned will be shared by countries technologically developed for countries interested in implementing clean coal technologies. The consortium consists of two Universities well recognized at international level - UPB (University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest) and UEDIN (University of Edingurgh), one governmental entity CRES, one NGO - AROTT and one private R&D and consulting-engineering companies - ISPE. All partners are closely related to the vocational education and training system.

Based on the UK partner experience in CPD courses and the various expertise of the staff involved a training system will be developed in the other countries involved in the project (RO, EL).

After assessing the state of play regarding the economic development level of the targeted areas; the knowledge and education level of the targeted audience and their specific needs; education and training handbooks, methods and tools development stage, the project will involve new definitions of curricula protocols and training methods for the stakeholder interested in clean coal technologies.

The knowledge sharing will be provided by the UK partner through a training visit organized in UK for the partners' countries (RO, EL), which will be the receivers of the knowledge and best practices transferred within the same sector (professional, Scientific and technical Activities). The projects' outcomes will include: innovative training methods; upgraded know-how; handbooks with a professional content and modern template in three languages; formation of 7 trainees.

The training activities, developed in RO and EL are focused on enhancing the level of knowledge of the specialist and non-specialists active in the coal power generation field. Thus key stakeholders will better understand, will be involved and contribute to the implementation of those innovative low-carbon footprint technologies. The main projects' outcomes will include: training kit in three languages; 150 trained specialists and non-specialists.


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