Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) Modelling

Welcome to GPR Max, a ground penetrating radar simulation tool.

The aim of this project is to create a robust and user-friendly process for advanced ground penetrating radar (GPR) modelling based on a completely redeveloped and greatly enhanced new version of the gprMax modelling code.

The work will primarily focus on enabling the efficient GPR modelling for landmine detection using GPR type sensors. The project will enable Dstl researchers and scientists to benefit directly from the results, innovations and advanced modelling procedures that have been developed during an EPSRC/Dstl CASE PhD research project. This will allow them, along with the wider GPR community, to easily create and run such models for further exploitation of the PhD project’s results; but most importantly enable them to further use in the future the capability that this work offers making readily available such detailed GPR modelling. This new GPR modelling framework will be a step change in our ability to model GPR in greater detail and accuracy.

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