MSc Sensor and Imaging Systems

MSc Degree Programme: 

This industry-focused programme - run jointly by the universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow - focuses on the principles, methods, techniques and technologies that underpin a vast range of needs in applications spanning from research to industry to medicine.

The programme is designed for students looking to develop the skills and knowledge that will open up opportunities in the many companies developing sensor and image based solutions.

Sensing and sensor systems are essential for advances in research across all fields of physics, engineering and chemistry and can be enhanced when multiple sensing functions are combined into arrays to enable imaging.

Industrial applications of sensor systems are ubiquitous: from mass-produced sensors found in modern smartphones and cars to the state-of-the-art, specialist high-value sensors routinely used in oil and gas recovery, scientific equipment, machine tools, medical equipment and environmental monitoring.

The SIS programme is delivered and awarded jointly by the Universities of Edinburgh and Glasgow. The degree certificate is issued by the University of Glasgow, but with text and signatures from both universities to confirm the joint award.For more information about the programme, its structure, the entry requirements, etc. please see the University Degree Finder page.