Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the School of Engineering

Highly Commended

Third year, BEng Electrical & Mechanical Engineering

In Germany, I was raised in a half-Indian, half-German family. Starting with timber construction and moving on to electronics later, I was fascinated by planning projects from complete scratch, to then pursuing them from beginning to end. 

Lalit Mistry with his ergonomic keyboards

Highly Commended

Fourth year, BEng Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

I attended an international school in Madrid, Spain, where being dyslexic and having ADHD meant I struggled with essay-based subjects; alternatively, I developed my love for maths and physics.

Close up  of Rodrigo wearing blue overalls in a dairy farm

Senior Lecturer in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

I grew up in Worcestershire, England, attending the local comprehensive school, and developed an early interest in science and technology. I could often be found taking things apart, or building things out of LEGO.

Dr Philip Hands holding a hologram in a dark room


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