IMNS Seminar: Surface analysis & depth profiling - Dr Mike Petty


Room 1:03, Scottish Microelectronics Centre, KB Campus


Thursday, October 13, 2022 - 13:00 to 14:00

Please join us for the next in-person IMNS seminar of this Semester, taking place on Thursday 13th October. A talk will be given by Dr Mike Petty from Loughborough Surface Analysis Ltd.  The talk will begin at 13:00, with pizza served at 12:40.

Abstract: Mike will explain briefly how a selection of analysis methods work and illustrate the techniques with real-world examples drawn from a number of materials and technologies. The techniques covered will include SIMS, Auger, XPS, 3D profilometry and FIB sectioning. The talk is intended as a general introduction to surface techniques and would be of interest to anyone who has a need to control or measure the composition of surfaces, thin films or buried interfaces for a variety of issues such as: dopant & contaminant analysis; oxide thickness; staining; surface composition; thin-film composition; delamination; or dewetting.

Bio: Founded in 1997 by Alison Chew, Dave Sykes and Mike Petty, Loughborough Surface Analysis (LSA) Ltd span out of Loughborough University's Physics Department, where the three had worked together for a number of years. The company provides a surface chemical analysis and depth profiling service to industry and academia, covering a wide range of materials technologies, not just semiconductors. LSA currently has nine employees. Mike has a degree (Birmingham) and PhD (Essex) in Physics. In 2005, he completed an MBA, just to fill in some of those knowledge gaps between a physics education and having to run a business.

Mike will be staying on after his presentation, and is happy to have 1:1 meetings - please contact Jamie Marland if you would like to arrange a slot.

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