The Milne Lecture Series

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Experience pioneering engineering with world leading scientists from the University of Edinburgh and beyond.

Through annual talks from leading engineers, The Milne Lecture Series provides a glimpse into the future by exploring some of the most exciting advancements in engineering and considering how these will transform our world.

Join us to gain an appreciation of how complex problems can lead to powerful solutions through the minds of engineers.

These free lectures are open to all and no specialist knowledge is required.

Supported by philanthropy

The Milne Lecture Series is generously supported by a philanthropic gift from Dr David Milne to open up the potential of engineering and increase interest in the way that our world is changing.

Dr Milne says of the programme:

“I am delighted to enable Edinburgh’s renowned School of Engineering to connect more people with the greatest and most exciting engineering developments that are happening today. I hope these lectures will provide a better understanding of our modern world and encourage the next generation of creative minds to contribute to technology advances.”

Associated activities

The Milne Lecture Series encompasses a programme of associated outreach work with local schools which aims to inspire interest in engineering among children and encourage scientific curiosity among those who could shape the future of innovation.

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