Integrated Micro and Nano Systems

Institute for Integrated Micro and Nano Systems (IMNS) at the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

This equipment and the research staff are located in the Scottish Microelectronics Centre (SMC), a purpose built facility at the University's Science and Engineering campus at King's Buildings.

Scottish Microelectronics Centre

Edinburgh Microfluidics Prototyping

Microfluidic technology has gained significant popularity over the last decade due to its many advantages as an enabling technology. It is now widely used in various research areas including, among others: chemical synthesis (including DNA); studies of chemical reactions; cell culture and manipulation; fluid dynamics; and medical diagnostics.

Microfabrication Process capabilities at the SMC demonstrated in graphics

Research in Chemical Engineering

Edinburgh Castle

REF 2021

Electronic circuit board under a microscope

This Programme provides graduates with a broad training in Electronics. It is suitable for recent graduates who wish to develop the specialist knowledge and skills relevant to the industry and is also suitable for advanced study in preparation for research work in an academic or industrial environment, or with a specialist consultancy.

Facilities and Resources

Scottish Microelectronics Centre

Small Research Facilities

The School of Engineering has a number of Small Research Facilities offering some of the most advanced technology in the world.

Research Collaboration and Partnerships

Centre for Biomedical Engineering at Edinburgh - CBEE

Research Partnerships

The School is also a partner in a number of important interdisciplinary centres within the University:


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