Public Lecture with Music: James Clerk Maxwell - a Man of Science, Poetry and Music.


The Music Hub, Penicuik High School, EH26 9EP


Thursday, March 19, 2015 - 19:30

A public lecture with music is to be held to celebrate the life and work of James Clerk Maxwell, as part of British Science Week and the International Year of Light 2015,

James Clerk Maxwell [1831 – 1879] was a member of the Clerk family of Penicuik.  He was one of our greatest scientists, ranked alongside Newton and Einstein, yet he is not well known even in the land of his birth.

Prof Tom Stevenson of the Museum of Communication ( will present a biography of Maxwell and will describe some of his contributions to science which have had a huge impact on our modern way of life.

The lecture will be interspersed with music.  Maxwell was fond of the poetry of Burns and he wrote his own poems, some of them amusing, some thought provoking.  Some of his poems have been set to music by Andy Munro. These will be performed by Andy and his daughter, Flora.

Another member of the Clerk family - Sir John Clerk - was a violinist and composer.  Examples of his music will be performed by students from Penicuik High School.

    ADMISSION IS FREE, thanks to financial support from the Scottish Government

To reserve a seat please e-mail Tom at or  phone 0131 440 3425

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Prof Tom Stevenson

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