Materials and Processes

Institute for Materials and Processes (IMP) at the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

This Research Associate position will contribute to the DAM4CO2 (Double-Active Membranes for a sustainable CO2 cycle) within the Institute for Materials and Processes at the University of Edinburgh, which is funded by the European Innovation Council and in collaboration with colleagues at ITM-CNR (Italy), Swansea university (UK), Primalchit (Spain). UPV (Spain), INSTM (Italy) and Me-Sep (Poland). The goal of DAM4CO2 is to develop a novel membrane technology, for the simultaneous separation and conversion of CO2 to C4+ molecules, as renewable fuels. Double active membranes (DAMs) with a durable and highly selective gas separation layer and a photocatalytic layer will be developed. The project will deliver a prototype, designed using the design-build-test-learn approach, for a proof-of-concept validation that will be tested in lab-conditions. The RA will work on the technoeconomic evaluation of the novel concept.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2024


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