Materials and Processes

Institute for Materials and Processes (IMP) at the School of Engineering, University of Edinburgh

In July, Moretonhampstead Parish Council unveiled a bronze bust of George Parker Bidder, who studied mechanical engineering at Edinburgh in the early 1800s and gained recognition for his prodigal mathematical abilities.

George Parker Bidder’s memorial in Moretonhampstead

George Serghiou in the School of Engineering together with colleagues from the School of Geosciences and three other leading research institutions in Germany and France have identified a surprising new experimental route to bulk solid solution formation.

Figure A: Researchers have found a surprising route to the creation of new solid solutions, using elements within the so-called 'Ge-Sn system'.  Figure B: Known cubic diamond-structured Si (c-Si) and new bulk cubic diamond-structured GeSn (c-GeSn).


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