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People working in Civil and Environmental Engineering
Research Themes Telephone Email
Dr Benjamin Owen

Dr Pavlos Tafidis Infrastructure Sensing and Systems

Mr Craig Hovell +44(0)131 6517080

Dr Stefanos Aldo Papanicolopulos Granular Mechanics and Industrial Infrastructure +44(0)131 6507214

Dr Andrea Joana Correia Semiao Environmental Engineering +44(0)131 6505792

Dr Efthalia Chatzisymeon Environmental Engineering +44(0)131 6505711

Professor Alistair Borthwick Offshore Renewable Energy

Dr Yuner Huang Structural Engineering +44(0)131 6505736

Dr Encarni Medina-Lopez Energy and Climate Change, Offshore Renewable Energy, Environmental Engineering +44(0)131 6505642

Professor Gordon Masterton Structural Engineering +44(0)131 6506780

Dr Hwa Kian Chai Tomography, Structural Engineering, Materials and Structures +44(0)131 6507153

Dr Thomas Reynolds Structural Engineering +44(0)131 6505633

Miss Margaret Robertson +44(0)131 6505565

Dr Daniel Fosas de Pando Environmental Engineering, Infrastructure Sensing and Systems

Dr Yavuz Yardim

Miss Ziyi Ma

Professor Luke Bisby Fire Safety Engineering +44(0)131 6505710


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