Edinburgh Microfluidics Prototyping

Microfluidic technology has gained significant popularity over the last decade due to its many advantages as an enabling technology. It is now widely used in various research areas including, among others: chemical synthesis (including DNA); studies of chemical reactions; cell culture and manipulation; fluid dynamics; and medical diagnostics.

The EMP aims to provide low cost design and fabrication of microfluidic systems for academic researchers across The University of Edinburgh.

Microfabrication Process Capabilities

  • THIN FILM DEPOSITION (film thicknesses from 10s of nanometres to 10s of microns)
  • PHOTOLITHOGRAPHY (structure dimensions from 100s of nanometres to centimetres)
  • ETCHING (etch depths from 10s of nanometres to 100s of microns)
Microfabrication Process capabilities at the SMC demonstrated in graphics
Microfabrication Process capabilities



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