MSc Digital Design and Manufacture

MSc Degree Programme: 

Digital Design and Manufacturing refers to a convergence of complementary computing technologies that, in combination, have the potential to create an industrial revolution whose impact on productivity is comparable to the introduction of steam power or the adoption of mass production.

This degree provides students with a broad understanding of the theories and practices required to enable successful implementation of these digital technologies in industrial applications.

Technologies and digital manufacturing

The fundamental technologies underpinning digital manufacturing are:

  • Sensing
  • Automation
  • Information
  • Additive manufacturing
  • Simulation and modelling

Their combined use is facilitated by:

  • AI
  • Data mining
  • Image recognition
  • Network communications
  • Geometric modelling

Why Edinburgh?

The University of Edinburgh has:

  • established academic strengths in all the key technologies associated with digital manufacturing
  • both the breadth and depth of research activities needed to underpin a postgraduate programme in this area
  • staff who have a comprehensive knowledge of both the state-of-the-art and also emerging trends and technologies

The aim of the programme is to allow students with a background in engineering to enhance their first degree with a specialist programme that blends theory and practice.

You can watch this video on our YouTube channel.

data mining of CAD databases with data presented in a circular graph with blue dots of various sizes connected with red lines of various thickness
Data mining of CAD databases