Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Electronics and Electrical Engineering at the School of Engineering

Links with Industry in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Industrial Advisory Board

Part of the link Electronics and Electrical Engineering has with industry is the Industrial Advisory Board. The board is made up of practising engineers from industry in the annual curriculum review process.

Why Study Electronics and Electrical Engineering?

Circuit Board Design

Many of our staff work with international companies from all over the world.

Faster, more reliable internet connections will move a step closer to reality with the opening of a new centre at the University.

A new generation of high-speed internet technology which is more secure and versatile than Wi-Fi, will be developed at the research facility.

Professor Harald Haas

Business case studies

Wave Making Technology - Edinburgh Designs Ltd

Spinout companies

Spinouts are companies started by School staff, where the University holds the intellectual property rights.


Centre for Science at Extreme Conditions, Edinburgh

Centre for Biomedical Engineering at Edinburgh (CBEE)

Research Institutes

Cavitation induced collapse of surface nanobubbles

Each of the following Research Institutes is a major centre of expertise and between them they span much of modern engineering:


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