IES Seminar EXTRA: Energy Evolution from Fukushima


Sanderson Building, Lecture Theatre 1


Tuesday, March 11, 2014 - 13:00 to 14:00

The Fukushima generation mix is dominated by its two nuclear power plants, four large thermal plants and many hydroelectric generators. The total generation capacity is about 20GW which is ten times as large as Fukushima’s consumption allowing the generators to also continuously supply electricity to the Tokyo metropolis. The renewable energy policy of Fukushima aims for carbon-neutral energy generation by 2040s, without nuclear power. This seminar will discuss the current energy mix in Fukushima and what needs to be done to meet the renewable energy targets set for 2040. The author recommends a community level approach in rural regions, taking advantage of the rich natural energy resources and established agricultural industry to provide
clean energy for future generations.

Professor Sato leads the Dept. of Industrial System Science, Faculty of Symbiotic Systems Sciences, Fukushima University and is also Director of the Research Institute for Low-Carbon Society, (established in 2010). He sits on numerous Fukishima committees aimed at promoting clean energy generation within Japan.

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