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Alan Murray

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  • Electronics and Electrical Engineering

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  • Bioengineering



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Alan Murray is Professor of Neural Electronics and Assistant Principal, Academic Support. He introduced the Pulse Stream method for analogue neural VLSI in 1985. Alan’s interests are now primarily in implanted silicon chips for biomedical applications.

He led the £5.2M IMPACT (Implantable Microsystems for Personalised And-Cancer Treatment) project, funded by an EPSRC Programme Grant and enjoys teaching first year engineering/electronics and third year Electromagnetics courses.  IMPACT produced proof-of-concept results that will be taken forward in two areas – cancer and wound-healing, as "OPTIMIST" (Optimised, Personalised Treatment & Intervention: Microsystems, Implanted Sensors & Therapeutics).

Alan is a Fellow of IET, IEEE and the Royal Society of Edinburgh, Principal Fellow of the HEA and has published over 360 academic papers.

A powerful camera is being developed that will enable scientists to examine living cells in unprecedented detail.

The fingernail-sized device, mounted within a microscope, will enable close-ups of the movement of molecules within cells.

The UDRC (University Defence Research Collaboration) has featured in the Financial Times, The Herald and Forbes Magazine, outlining the impact of the research to develop new software to process information acquired from the huge range of sensors present in the modern battlefield, ranging from rad

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