Links with Industry in Mechanical Engineering

The Mechanical Engineering discipline at the University of Edinburgh has strong links with industry, ensuring that our staff are not only at the forefront of their own discipline, but that they are in touch with the latest developments within the subject area. We make extensive use of industrial contacts, including for industrial visits and supervision of design projects in the later years.

Industrial Liaison Board

Our Industry Liaison Board (ILB) improves the competencies and market-readiness of our Mechanical Engineering graduates, using advice from a broad range of individuals who employ and/or work with mechanical engineering graduates.  This input ensures that our graduates meet current technical and transferable skills needs of employers and are also prepared well for anticipated, future needs.  ILB meetings typically also consider our ongoing research activities and alumni engagement. 

Industrial Placements

As part of the MEng programmes in Mechanical Engineering many of our students go out to work in industry. These placements are part of the course and the students are assessed in the work they do. Students are free to organise their own placements but the links the School has with industry means many students have placements with companies who work closely with our academics and the School itself. In the past 10 years we have sent students to over 200 companies and 20 Universities across the world, as far afield as New Zealand, the USA, India and Malaysia to placements much closer to home in the UK and Central Europe.